Schwick Quattro MIDNIGHT.

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02-05-2006 13:38:51


just got this.

This is the sweetest freebie of all.

PICS coming later.


02-05-2006 14:07:49

Haha nice, i get like 2 or 3 razors a year from shick and from gillete. i always get the happy 18th birthday some random name.

only once did i actually get one with my name on it and it was actually my 18th birthday. the rest of the times all 3 parts were wrong wasnt birthday, wasnt name, and wasnt 18. but i kept razor anyways


02-05-2006 14:24:11

yea i got mine a few days ago too, pretty pumped, wonder where my gum is though?


02-05-2006 15:09:58



02-05-2006 15:37:45

I got mine too, I love it. Most sexy razor I've ever seen.


02-05-2006 18:13:21

I prefer the gillette ones to the schwicks

unknown uchiha

02-05-2006 21:13:06

I want! I need to SHAVE =/

Oh well I'm like, Asian so I can go about a week or so without shaving =P

Does the offer still work? I get an error everytime I click on the link provided.


02-05-2006 22:06:10

I got mine today too.... its a nice razor but nothing I havent seen before.

It doesnt come with extra blades! oh well, its free D