I <3 123stuffforfree & Trainn (later post)!

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28-04-2006 21:26:11

I got my $250 Visa from 123stuff AND of course I went shopping today! D

They've sent me a nano and $250 Visa. I got $100 from RB. Other than that, I haven't gotten anything from any other referral sites yet. I'm waiting on Trainn, more4free, freepay, and ideal direct. So, I have to say that 123stuff is awesome!!

Anyways, I decided to be a little bit creative in my picture today but my camera sucks and the flash made it impossible to read the "123stuffforfree" card (b/c its shiny). So, I had to put it in on photoshop. I had to take it of myself laying down so thats why my hair is crazy!

[img9cbf081757]http/" alt=""/img146.imageshack.us/img="146/6434/123stuff013bcopy6hy9bk.th.jpg[" alt=""/img9cbf081757][=http//img="146.imageshack.us/my.php?image=123stuff013bcopy6hy9bk.jpg][img9cbf081757]http/" alt=""/img146.imageshack.us/img="146/6434/123stuff013bcopy6hy9bk.th.jpg[" alt=""/img9cbf081757]

That's my nano and money money from them! heee



28-04-2006 21:33:55

WOOOOOOOOOOOO, congrats!!!!


28-04-2006 21:45:36

Congrats! And nice photo you took!


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29-04-2006 09:50:51

I checked my email this morning, and I got $250 paypal from TRAINN!! One day approval. Amazing! I was going for a video ipod but changed my mind at the last minute. The only thing is I got 2 extra refs b/c I didn't want to wait on the manual credit.

[img6341753abe]http/" alt=""/img213.imageshack.us/img="213/4137/trainn18pl.th.png[" alt=""/img6341753abe][=http//img="213.imageshack.us/my.php?image=trainn18pl.png][img6341753abe]http/" alt=""/img213.imageshack.us/img="213/4137/trainn18pl.th.png[" alt=""/img6341753abe]
(I'm horrible using graphic tools. It was either too big or too small, so I had to go with too small!)

Now, I'm just waiting on ordermore and freepay!


29-04-2006 12:41:09

what an epic picture to show your stuff, nice work


29-04-2006 16:28:59

so like.. maybe you shouldnt have sold ALL your clothes


30-04-2006 13:10:57

Congrats! D


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02-05-2006 18:04:01

could you post a timeline for 123stuff? im considering starting one of their sites...


02-05-2006 18:50:46

[quotee1a1dcd017="JUNIOR6886"]could you post a timeline for 123stuff? im considering starting one of their sites...[/quotee1a1dcd017]

lets say you can pull it off in a week wink


02-05-2006 20:49:09

[quotef014be1897="JUNIOR6886"]could you post a timeline for 123stuff? im considering starting one of their sites...[/quotef014be1897]

sorry i guess i dont get emails for this thread so i haven't been checking it.

anyways for radio.123stuff, i didn't really write down all the dates... but i was in a conga and got 3 refs (cause i was at the top), then i found 4 refs who greened, then i did my offer and it greened within the day. Owner actually im me to tell me I was all green. I submitted for approval. It got approved within minutes. This was around a Tuesday or Weds. They don't send shipment til Friday. So, I got my tracking around Sunday/Monday and got the item on Thursday!

for ipods.123stufforfree, all my refs greened within the day also. I finished very late Friday night. I submitted for approval and I got my item about 1.5 weeks later.