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26-04-2006 15:54:43

Figured I would make 1 thread instead of a bunch. Obviously, I'm still a bit of a noob when it comes to this, but I'm gettin there!

http//[" alt=""/imgade524dfc3] RECEIVED
[img="ade524dfc3]http//[" alt=""/imgade524dfc3] ORDERED
[img="ade524dfc3]http//[" alt=""/imgade524dfc3] WORKING ON

[img="ade524dfc3]http//[" alt=""/imgade524dfc3] 4g iPod Nano
[img="ade524dfc3]http//[" alt=""/imgade524dfc3] 30g iPod Video
[img="ade524dfc3]http//[" alt=""/imgade524dfc3] PS3
[img="ade524dfc3]http//[" alt=""/imgade524dfc3] Xbox360 - $400 CC giftcard

[img="ade524dfc3]http//[" alt=""/imgade524dfc3] YourFree360games - Fight Night Round 3
[img="ade524dfc3]http//[" alt=""/imgade524dfc3] YourFree360games - NBA 2K6
[img="ade524dfc3]http//[" alt=""/imgade524dfc3] YourFree360games - 360 Wireless Controller
[img="ade524dfc3]http//[" alt=""/imgade524dfc3] YourFree360games - NCAA Football 2007


26-04-2006 17:05:07

I'm thinking I should make one just to shame FGR_Admin.


26-04-2006 17:05:57

[quotee45c78e741="FreeOffersNow"]I'm thinking I should make one just to shame FGR_Admin.[/quotee45c78e741]

haha, me and you wink


26-04-2006 17:08:22

[quotead0c99fecd="FreeOffersNow"]I'm thinking I should make one just to shame FGR_Admin.[/quotead0c99fecd]
I'm actually thinking of doing the same thing. At last count I was at over $15K in goods received...


26-04-2006 17:27:55

im over 20k


04-05-2006 12:38:15

woo just got NBA2k6 from yourfree360games. thanks Trainn!


10-06-2006 08:20:01

woo got my free 360 wireless controller. thanks Trainn!


10-06-2006 08:30:59

congrats. im stil waitin to get my 360 replaced (


16-07-2006 10:20:15

updated - got my CC giftcards from freepay and just ordered ncaa07 for xbox360 from trainn