$1000 check from MarketSurveyGroup

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24-04-2006 18:30:22

My girlfriend received her $1000 check in the mail today from MarketSurveyGroup after opting for the cash instead of the plasma TV. She started almost exactly 3 months ago and spent about $22 total. $1000 return on a $22 investment... 8)


24-04-2006 18:34:24

Grats, did they offer her the check or did she ask?


25-04-2006 02:54:13

Did she send in a W-9?


25-04-2006 04:07:06

[quotebaecb32f89="ZeroCalories"]Did she send in a W-9?[/quotebaecb32f89]

She may have gotten in before the deadline.


25-04-2006 11:56:29

I believe they made the offer to her although she tried to negotiate a higher check. Yes, she did send in a W9.


30-04-2006 18:06:20

If you don't mind answering, may I ask when you mailed in the approval forms and the W-9?