Received Video Ipod 30GB & 4GB From GiftFiesta!

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24-04-2006 13:05:03

[u5f8420b8c4][b5f8420b8c4]Yep i got the 30GB & 4GB from GiftFiesta[/b5f8420b8c4][/u5f8420b8c4] like 2 weeks ago Crediting was [i5f8420b8c4]very Fast[/i5f8420b8c4]

But approval was instant! Afther the processing stage its status went to ship it took only 3 days to get to my House by UPS!

http//[" alt=""/img5f8420b8c4]

I picked GiftFiesta Site to do my notebook. I think its the best site to get a laptop no 3 months limit like freepay and pretty easy offers for only 20 referrals D

[color=brown5f8420b8c4][b5f8420b8c4]Here is my thread offering $20 Paypal check it out too![/b5f8420b8c4][/color5f8420b8c4]



24-04-2006 13:09:31

I think you meant to post this in the Brag Bag...


24-04-2006 13:22:28

Yep i did want it to post it in the Brag, Brag but fipg was slow thought i was posting this in the brag brag ?


24-04-2006 13:50:20

Very nice!!


24-04-2006 21:33:43

man, i wish i was as lucky. Giftfiesta said they would ship my 30 gig out on the 13th, then they said they would ship it out on the 21st.... and they STILL haven't shipped!


25-04-2006 06:26:40

thanks for posting. i agree about giftfiesta - they seem great so far.