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special k

22-04-2006 13:24:28

Well this is my first brag bag thread, I got fight night and 300 dollars paypal(not pictured). http/" alt=""/"68/2363/7870442824724316708sp.jpg[" alt=""/imgb52e0a4670][=http//][img="b52e0a4670]http/" alt=""/"68/2363/7870442824724316708sp.jpg[" alt=""/imgb52e0a4670][/url]
Im so happy right now and my mom had 255 best buy rewards so i got battlefield and all this xbox live stuff so Im off to play that. I havent seen any brag bag threads for yourfree360 games so there ya go.


23-04-2006 03:32:37

very nice, very nice.

now send me money, I'm saving to buy a horse.

Named Mei-Ling.


23-04-2006 17:42:25

thanks for posting, i love reading the brag bag posts