30 gig white iPod received from Flash!

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19-04-2006 14:01:23

Hey just recieved my 30 gig white ipod from Flashipods4free. many thanx trainn!

http/" alt=""/img.photobucket.com/albums/v164/IxjunggnujxI/PICT0033.jpg[/imgb17c674070]


19-04-2006 14:46:39

Congrats D


19-04-2006 15:29:57

congrats, i just got mine monday from yfvi, trainn is so fast


19-04-2006 20:09:00

way to go man! i got mine from yfvi a couple weeks agao and now im almost done with flash! D

unknown uchiha

19-04-2006 21:14:55

Congrats! aww they don't ship out the $15 iTunes GC anymore? I got one for completing FlashiPods4Free back when the 20GB Photo was still "in" =P


20-04-2006 03:04:02

NICE! I love seeing people get their stuff, motivates me to do more Freebie sites.

Going to get my $300 PayPal from train soon(already got an ipod from freepay way back in the day)

Can't wait!


21-04-2006 17:03:57