Moola LEGIT!

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18-04-2006 04:32:00

Got my check for $10 yesterday wooooOOOooOooOOoo!
Big money, big money, big money, no whammy....STOP!


18-04-2006 05:09:00

yep. Moola is legit alright. 8)


18-04-2006 05:57:02

cool, i never had much luck with that site (


18-04-2006 06:07:19

Stop? AWWWW, you hit Bankrupt!


18-04-2006 10:55:16

what's the site url btw?


18-04-2006 12:18:15

[quote27bd73733a="nizzex"]yep. Moola is legit alright. 8)[/quote27bd73733a]

hey are you an admin?

nice ipods


18-04-2006 13:22:21

got mine for 10 yesterday as well woot!


18-04-2006 16:04:13

Any invites?


18-04-2006 16:07:41

[quote28d269745b="Chris"]Any invites?[/quote28d269745b]


18-04-2006 16:55:49

i want a invite =)


18-04-2006 17:14:42

[quotee39ba890c5="MakeDamnSureTBS"]i want a invite =)[/quotee39ba890c5]
PM'ed. And that's my last invite.

Each of you new signups should get 3 invites of your own, so be sure to come back here and spread the love when other people ask. )


18-04-2006 17:23:42

they give u lots of invites i had 10 invites i have 9 first lvl referlals hehehe


18-04-2006 17:46:00

can i get an invite?


18-04-2006 17:52:47

yay,i beat someone i got 2 cents )


18-04-2006 17:53:00

[quotea90889a910="aguy"]can i get an invite?[/quotea90889a910]


18-04-2006 17:56:25

i lost lol now my 2 cents (


18-04-2006 17:59:03

[quote92e485d2d1="MakeDamnSureTBS"]i lost lol now my 2 cents ([/quote92e485d2d1]

you wouldn't happened to be "ryan-something".. would ya?


18-04-2006 18:32:44

can i have an invite?


18-04-2006 18:33:00

whos ryan?


18-04-2006 19:20:12

fuck this game


18-04-2006 19:21:59

we know it's legit, stupid.

lol. but yea i knew it was. i mean their advertisers pay them MORE than a penny per ad watched, so they come out of this pretty good.

I have like 7cents, i wish they'd add more games, I'm sick of the gold one, because I frequently lose

unknown uchiha

18-04-2006 19:52:47

They're "in the process of adding more games". And yeah they come out with a lot of profit seeing how there's Moola-sponsored bots running around as well.


18-04-2006 21:04:38

What is this site? can someone pm me with an invite? ;P first time I've heard of it.


19-04-2006 09:05:27

that game is hard. I have a ton of invites. pm me if you need one


19-04-2006 15:21:21

cna i get an invite????


19-04-2006 16:33:16

alright i ahve 3 invitations too

pm if interested


19-04-2006 16:56:34

got back up to 9.44 from a penny today P


20-04-2006 12:42:20

shoot me a invite via pm, I want to check it out.


20-04-2006 13:47:45

I have 3 invites. PM me your email if you want one in exchange for doing an offer on thisxbox360gearisfree for me. It's all free offers, no need to worry about credit cards.


20-04-2006 16:56:03

Pretty fun game. I lost twice both at level 5 grrr. If anyone needs an invite they gave me 3 to start. Good way to waste some time anyways. PM your email to send the invite to.


20-04-2006 17:10:26

What do you mean moolah sponsored bots? like they have bots playing against you sometimes to automatically win?


20-04-2006 17:30:28

need an invite, shoot me a pm


20-04-2006 17:33:20

[quote5418f2b192="spetsacdc"]What do you mean moolah sponsored bots? like they have bots playing against you sometimes to automatically win?[/quote5418f2b192]
Yes, but not to automatically win. At least not according to their disclaimer. They use bots to prevent delays with match-ups, but say the bots are NOT programmed to have any more knowledge about the game than you do. You also have the option to disable bot match-ups, which could result in delays in finding an opponent.

[quote5418f2b192]To improve your chances of finding a match quickly, Moola recommends enabling the AutoPlayers TM system. This proprietary system reduces matching wait times by enabling you to be matched on some levels (but not all levels) at some times (but not all times) against computerized players when no humans are available to play. AutoPlayers are designed only to enhance the player experience by shortening wait times, and they are not employed by Moola in any way whatsoever, to reduce prize payouts. (If anything, Moola prefers to see tournament players winning more, since increased game play allows Moola to attract more advertisers.) This system is designed to offer a benefit, in particular, during the Moola beta period when fewer players are available and there is a lower likelihood of finding one's ideal match at all times and at all levels. Ultimately, as more players join the Moola beta test, the AutoPlayer system will become increasingly less needed to assure match availability, and may one day be eliminated altogether.

[b5418f2b192]IMPORTANT AutoPlayers do not have superior knowledge of game strategy over average human players, nor do they have any advantage of any kind whatsoever. They do not have any advanced visibility into opponent decisions, for example, and they do not have superior knowledge of game strategy. AutoPlayers operate according to different rules which simply make sure they do not lose or win more than regular humans. Moola will always wait some amount of time before pairing you up against an AutoPlayer, to ensure the best chances of finding a human opponent first. However, if you prefer to compete only against human opponents, you may disable this feature now to ensure you will never be paired against an automated player of any kind. Please note This selection will be saved for the duration of your current session.[/b5418f2b192][/quote5418f2b192]


20-04-2006 17:33:44

[quote470074150a="kdollar"]need an invite, shoot me a pm[/quote470074150a]


23-04-2006 17:09:24

So if you choose to cash out, can you keep playing and keep cashing out whenever you want? Or is it a play until your satisfied, then cash out and then you cant play again thing?


23-04-2006 17:14:39

[quote5182df4b7b="DrkWarlock"]So if you choose to cash out, can you keep playing and keep cashing out whenever you want? Or is it a play until your satisfied, then cash out and then you cant play again thing?[/quote5182df4b7b]
You can keep playing.


23-04-2006 17:16:29

Thanks for the invite!


23-04-2006 17:40:13

just remember the toc sucks like they can change your account balance anytime they want ... it's still real fun to play

Crouching Tiger Hidden Ga

23-04-2006 17:48:44

pm me with your email and i'll get you an invite