Got my 30g from Trainn

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17-04-2006 12:49:31

Got my black 30gig ipod from Trainn today. Very fast shipment. And only a week to approve.

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17-04-2006 13:04:13

Sweet action, I should be getting mine today too, thats what the tracker says. UPS guy isnt here yet though. Anyway, whats with the penny?

Edit A minute after I posted this, the doorbell rang D


17-04-2006 15:06:13

On some forums people ask for a penny pic to prove that its real. Just did it for the heck of it.

special k

17-04-2006 15:16:56

Oh crap my game was supposed to come today and it didnt. I hope something didnt go wrong on my first trainn freebie


17-04-2006 17:16:43

Nice, I'm still in approval for mine.