AnyGift4Points -- PSP, 2 PSP Games, 1 PS2 Game

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13-04-2006 09:00:21

Just went into fulfillment on AnyGift4Points for a PSP, 2 PSP games (GTA Liberty City Stories and Splinter Cell Essentials), and 1 PS2 game (Black). I will post pictures as soon as I receive all the gifts.

Great point base site. If you want to try it out let me be your referrer to the site. PM me if interested.


16-04-2006 21:16:40

Wow, what the heck man. How many offers did you have to do? I only have 440 points at the moment. And how long was the approval, processing, shipping time?


17-04-2006 05:00:52

Well I also got a Wireless XBox360 Controller, XBox360 Plug & Charge Kit and Shure e2g Earphones from AG4P. I actually did most of the casino offers on the site. The first one casino site netted me a nice profit in which I used towards the other casinos. Still very much in the positive after the win and putting money in other sites. Just ordered another game last night and have about 2000 points left over. Getting lucky on one casino site got me alot of goodies. Awesome site by an awesome owner also.