$190 received from AnyGift4Five

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12-04-2006 16:22:43

After a bit of a wait with a referral's crediting problem, I received my gift from AnyGift4Five.

Personally, I love this network--I've finished anygift4two, three, four, and five.

I got $140 to Amazon (I've already bought the new Morrissey CD, and pre-ordered Boston Legal Season 1 on DVD, Hostel on DVD, and the new Tool CD), and $50 to iTunes.

Thanks Benjette!

I'd post screens, but you guys know what they look like.

unknown uchiha

12-04-2006 16:49:33

How long did shipping/delivery of your items take?


13-04-2006 04:04:00

Not long at all, after the credit was confirmed, a few hours.