Received 500$ supercertificate from PCS.freepay

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12-04-2006 14:11:04

I received my 500$ supercertificate from pcs.freepay. They were out of acer laptops. Now the only site I have not received soemthing from on freepay is ps3s )

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12-04-2006 19:09:34

the acer laptop is worth exactly $599, tell freepay you want your extra $100!!!! or you shoulda gotten the cyberpower which is a lil over $600 and then sold it.


12-04-2006 19:23:13

this is easier. I dont even need a laptop. I have a macbook pro.


13-04-2006 05:57:08

What the fuck? They can't give me $400 but they can give you $500... THAT'S FUCKING GAY FREEPAY


13-04-2006 10:07:39

the acer is no longer sold at their vendor.