IPod Nano from 123stuff

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11-04-2006 19:05:57

I got my Ipod Nano from 123stuff today!!! I got a white 4 gb.

I got all my refs and greens within a week. It was approved the end of that week. It said it was ship a short time after that. It took about 2 weeks to get to me. Usps tracking was horrible (kept saying it was waiting on sender to give them the item) and I didn't like that they left it at the front door.

Thanks 123stuff! The owner is great!


11-04-2006 19:29:26

this calls for a 7 page thread!


11-04-2006 20:03:13

[quote537c64d001="justinag06"]this calls for a 7 page thread![/quote537c64d001]


11-04-2006 22:45:17

i haven't been on much. i just wanted to share my excitement. this is my first real freebie that i am keeping (and not cash). i just opened the box... didn't realize the nano was sooo tiny. i think i rather the mini now.. so i guess i will work on that next!



11-04-2006 22:46:50

Congratumalations. D


11-04-2006 23:08:27


[spoilerf736808cf9]not the nano[/spoilerf736808cf9]


12-04-2006 23:05:54

here's the lil nano. i opened it. i didn't do anything with the shuffle yet. i thought it was too small at first, but i'm starting to warm up to it. also someone said if i want to be cool, i have to have an ipod. so there goes. D

[img16a8c03308]http/" alt=""/img84.imageshack.us/img="84/851/ebay2097ui.th.jpg[" alt=""/img16a8c03308][=http//img="84.imageshack.us/my.php?image=ebay2097ui.jpg][img16a8c03308]http/" alt=""/img84.imageshack.us/img="84/851/ebay2097ui.th.jpg[" alt=""/img16a8c03308]