30gb White Video iPod from Trainn

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10-04-2006 15:25:28

After a series of unfortunate mixups, I got my iPod from yourfreevideoipods today.
Timeline -
Started October 12th
Got all referrals October 30th
One disqualified
I kind of gave up on freebies for a while
Got a new referral March 11th, requested approval
Approved March 19th
Ordered March 19th
It apparently "didn't get shipped" because of some mixup, so they told me they resent it April 5th.
April 8th, iPod actually shipped
April 10th, iPod arrives
Overall, still way faster then freepay so I've got no room to complain.
Thanks Trainn! )
I'm just going to sell it, so if anyone wants to offer close to retail I'd be glad to take you up on that.

http/" alt=""/img149.imageshack.us/img="149/58/thankstrainn0lf.jpg[" alt=""/img53d7729e0f]


10-04-2006 15:59:53

Got your refs that fast eh? 30GB or 60GB?


10-04-2006 16:11:38

30gb. I toyed with the idea of getting another referral and going for the money but I figured I could just sell it for the same amount, and I'd had enough waiting.


11-04-2006 18:18:56

I put it up on craigslist but if your interested drop me a pm with what your willing to pay.