Approval Requested for Trainn's YFVI!

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09-04-2006 11:11:28

I just had my friends sign up under me here in exchange for getting them started on the freebie scene.

I'm going to get another 30gb iPod (black). I have a few questions though, since this is my first Trainn site.

1) how long should I expect to wait for approval?

2) is it possible to return the iPod to Best Buy and get store credit? If so, what story should I tell them?

Thanks in advance.


09-04-2006 11:19:03

1) Approval on that site generally takes around a week to two weeks. You could be lucky though.

2) I have no clue about that one.



09-04-2006 11:29:46

depends on who is working they arent supposed to take it back but some people will. i returned mine to the apple store than sold my apple giftcard tp a freind for 300$ and he went and bought an ipod himself. he was complaining how if i sold him my ipod he wouldnt get the warrenty.


09-04-2006 11:34:42

I know someone that used to work there.


09-04-2006 12:05:58

Why not try?


09-04-2006 12:33:56

I definitely will, since I want to get a RAZR (Verizon Wireless type).


09-04-2006 12:54:13

Well, for flashipods I got approved in about 9-10 days. That was just about a week ago. Might be different for YFVI though.


09-04-2006 16:56:04

It takes 10 to 11 days to get your ipod.


09-04-2006 17:01:33

From the day I request approval?