Logitech.GiftFiesta Completed =)

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07-04-2006 14:15:07

I can't believe I actually received this headset D This is the first freebie site that I've completed so I'm definitely going to go around shoving it in the faces of all the nay-sayers. Woot go me ^_^

Now all I have to do is wait for the TextPayMe Xbox 360 to arrive to throw more evidence in my friends' faces haha.

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07-04-2006 14:30:39

thanks for the post!


07-04-2006 20:57:39

+karma for your sig. purepwnage is pretty sweet. Do you play cs 1.6?


07-04-2006 22:07:33

Congrats man

unknown uchiha

07-04-2006 22:43:20

Does that thing work on Mac OSX?


07-04-2006 23:51:00

@Berky34 I have 1.6 but I usually play source nowadays. But I'll play 1.6 if you're up for it. Just post your xfire account name, thats assuming that you use xfire(which you should), and we'll play sometime.

Edit hahaha oops =P I didn't notice your xFire sig. I should put one of those up too 8)

@unknown uchiha Yes, it should work on a mac because it uses the standard headphone and microphone jacks, not usb. But even if it did use USB, I'm sure logitech would've made up some drivers for the mac.


13-04-2006 00:39:49

Just wondering but how long did it take for your referrals to get credited?

Also, more importantly, how long did it take to get delivered?

The GuildWars Factions release is in about 2 weeks and I would like to see if I could get the site finished completely before that day comes. I want to take COMPLETE advantage of the 24 hour pre-order bonus and wipe the floor with all the newbs while being kept awake by loud music and pure caffeine.

Thanks for the help.


14-04-2006 19:02:40

My item did not require referrals because its relatively inexpensive, but I was processing for a few weeks, which I thought was quite ridiculous for a no referral item. However, I still received it so thats all I care about D


16-04-2006 19:00:50

At least your went through. I did a GF site a few months back for a free PSP game that only needed you to do 2 offers. I did them and they have never been credited. Gave up on it a while back, but it wasn't a very positive example of GF.


21-04-2006 13:19:30

My account just went into processing today and I really hope it doesn't take that long. Anyone know what the average processing time is on this network, or at least this site? Just wanting an idea of what to expect.




21-04-2006 17:03:06



21-04-2006 17:41:07


My account has just been approved and should be sent off soon. Ironically, the only things left to do were to verify the account and the confirm the shipping. If I had done this before I went shopping the item may have been ready to ship by tomorrow instead of monday.

This is actually the first GF site I've ever completed and I will definitely post on the brag boards once it gets here. Now all I need to do is get a monitor and a new desktop and I will be in excellent condition.