Mini Mac from Hotstuff.Free4Me!!!

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06-04-2006 10:45:50

You all know what it looks like -)

now deciding on whether or not to sell it...


06-04-2006 11:44:00

I'll give you $5 + shipping for it.;)


06-04-2006 12:04:16

How many refs?


06-04-2006 12:27:52

[quote719e3541cc="hehehhehe"]How many refs?[/quote719e3541cc]

Free4Me is my favorite freebie network....


06-04-2006 15:20:43

is it intel? If it is then keep it, and put windows xp on it )

unknown uchiha

06-04-2006 15:27:58

I'd exchange it for a MacBookPro, always wanted one of those and now that BootCamp is in Beta, even better =D


06-04-2006 17:05:38

i'd need like 4 solo mini macs to trade in for a macbookpro LOL

Thing is, i'd probably keep it if it was the duo with a dvd burner (I mean, i'd use it as a media station to make music and edit video and shit) without a dvd

Still deciding. and yea, it's the new one. the intel one