oh great...another thread about freepay's iPod shipment

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31-03-2006 09:39:45

yep, got my 30bg iPod today. I saw other people posting that they got thiers, so i figured mine was in too. sure enough DHL had delivered a little box right by my front door.

Now my brothers and sisters are all jealous woot

and it was just yesterday that my parents were skepticale cuz all i've ever gotten was a 50 gc to old navy...this is like my first "real' freebie!!!!!1

anyways just wanted to share the news...but since it's my first i didn't really feel like casually mentioning it in one of the other like 4 threads about thier iPods...i wanted my own thread wink


02-04-2006 11:36:58

get your siblings an ipod from one of the DIY sites for like 20 bux.

share, man!!!



02-04-2006 11:47:30

[quote968d7cabb3="LucaBella"]get your siblings an iPod from one of the DIY sites for like 20 bux.

share, man!!!


ya i'm doing the IOG 1k visa cash card...and i promised each of them a nano. lol I'm the oldest of 4, so by the time i'm done w/ buying them thier nanos, i'll have about 250 bux to get whatever.....not bad for 6 offers lol


02-04-2006 12:00:31

why would you spend money and pay retail when you can get them for like 20 bux in a week or two?

oh, to each his own.


02-04-2006 12:04:45

i got the $1000 cash card for like 100 bux
( i know it's a lot for a site, but stupid ultraburn PM...cost me $80 twisted grr)

I figured 6 offers was pretty good for 3 nanos and another 250 bux for afterward...you tell me shrug


02-04-2006 12:11:09

He can spend about the same amount and get 1K, the use that money to buy two nanos and have money left over.

Nano is about 4 offers. 1K is about 8, so he would still be better off buying them retail.

Every time I want to get an iPod for someone I remember I can just get the 1K card, and then I don't want to pay retail for an iPod so I just end up keeping everything for myself. roll


02-04-2006 12:25:14

LOL...i signed up b4 they changed thier T&C...so it was only 6 offers... (plus YFD...smaller requirements).....3 nanos for 6 offers ain't bad....