All 9 Seasons of The X-Files on dvd from Dvds.The4FreeZone!

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29-03-2006 06:25:37

[b7c71635c6e]Just wanted to let everyone know that I have finally received all 9 seasons of the X-Files on dvd from Dvds.The4FreeZone![/b7c71635c6e]

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Freaking awesome! Anyhoo, many thanks to the site. FYI I was approved for my gifts on July 18th of 2005, and have been watching them trickle in during the past 3 months or so. And now they're finally all here! The point is if you don't care when you get your gift [i7c71635c6e]just as long as you get it[/i7c71635c6e], then look no further. Jesse, the owner of The4FreeZone network is one of the hardest working site owners out there. Unlike soo many other small networks he did not fold and run off with our earnings when trouble hit. He stayed, kept us updated, and took extra jobs to get our prizes out. Highly recommended! Thanks again!


29-03-2006 06:47:36

That's cool. And nice that The4FreeZone came through.

How big was the box these all came in? Or did you get each one as he was able to afford to send them to you?


29-03-2006 06:51:51

[quote9d0d7dc645="chillywilly"]That's cool. And nice that The4FreeZone came through.

How big was the box these all came in? Or did you [b9d0d7dc645]get each one as he was able to afford to send them to you?[/b9d0d7dc645][/quote9d0d7dc645]

Yes they came in seperate shipments


29-03-2006 07:14:36

How many offers was it?


29-03-2006 09:16:49

Damn, I remember I did an offer for you on that like a year ago.

Congrats. )

Feel honored. I never congratulate people.


29-03-2006 15:16:58

[quote5f231ec69f="johnjimjones"]How many offers was it?[/quote5f231ec69f]


30-03-2006 20:26:52

ya, i'm curious too

unknown uchiha

30-03-2006 21:43:06

According to the site, 3 referrals per box set so... 9 x 3 = 27 =P


30-03-2006 21:45:51

They had a special deal for all x-files seasons I think it was only 12 refs


31-03-2006 07:39:18

Geeze. That's a lot of x-files. A little too much Skully and whatever the other one was for me. Congrats though!


31-03-2006 13:26:37

I kinda want all 10 seasons of Friends )


31-03-2006 13:49:04

is that deal over now?


31-03-2006 14:22:21

[quoted927129067="Wolfeman"]I kinda want all 10 seasons of Friends )[/quoted927129067]

I own all the seasons that are out, the wife made me buy them....


31-03-2006 18:23:43

Wow now thing what you could have done with 27 referrals...

unknown uchiha

31-03-2006 20:41:08

you mean "think". "k" and "g" are in between two other keys =P

27 referrals = $1000+ Paypal, a laptop, or like 5 iPods/PSPs (Mix n match), 3 PS3s/360s (Mix n match), 6 DS/Xbox/PS2/GCs (Mix n match)...

=( I want!


31-03-2006 22:22:23

It wasn't 27 refs...


04-04-2006 18:26:42

Sorry, forgot I had this thread.

What kind of idiot would do that for 27 refs?!?!?! Like others said it was 12 at the time. You'd have to contact Jesse (owner) to see what he's still doing with the dvds site

unknown uchiha

04-04-2006 19:49:00

XD I thought it was 27 since it was 3/season and I wasn't aware of that promotion =P


11-04-2006 17:19:17

Congrats Godrock!