$500 YourSmartRewards

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27-03-2006 17:21:18

Hey today I finally got it in the mail, $500 Mastercard (debit card) from YourSmartRewards...Sorry I don't have an official date by date timeline, but from the time I sent in the vouchers, got the shipping notice like 4 days later, then about 2 weeks after the shipping notice, kazam, its in my maill....I was sooo happy today, getting a $500 debit card the week before spring break, coulnd't happen much better...Even took it to an wells-fargo atm and cashed out $100 of it, only took a $2 convienience chage....so over all, very hyped, for it was my first freebie!!!

Total Offers 8
Total Price of Offers Roughly $32
Getting a $500 Mastercard in the Mail PRICELESS!!!


27-03-2006 17:28:26

Oh Jon, you sexy man.

Nice work.

Props to me for showing you and Blake and Kevin how to do all this shit.


27-03-2006 17:37:53

Congrats )

unknown uchiha

27-03-2006 17:38:19

List offers completed? Whoa $500 for $32, interesting...

Oh and this sounds like NUItech, right?


27-03-2006 17:39:48

Yes it is NuiTech, from my guess he probably did Earthlink and some other offer on the last page and on the first 2 pages probably did 4 really easy offers that cost like $1 each or something.

unknown uchiha

27-03-2006 17:46:22

Isn't it 2+2+4?


27-03-2006 18:08:33

great job jon