3 Games From Free360Games

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26-03-2006 20:15:50

Got these on Friday. Excellent support, fast turn around, and pretty fair offers to boot. Completed the site on the 10th of March and they shipped as soon as Oblivion was released. Now, if only FreePay would ship my 360, I could actually play!

Thanks again Free360Games!

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26-03-2006 20:33:36

I assume you did point based. bc my referral account was just approved 2 days ago.


26-03-2006 20:34:38

Ghost Recon isn't that great (
I bought it yesterday and I was underimpressed with the actual gameplay, albeit the graphics were fantastic.


26-03-2006 20:44:18

[quote524af0683a="shortys408"]I assume you did point based. bc my referral account was just approved 2 days ago.[/quote524af0683a]

This is actually a different site then the one that Trainn just released (yourfree360games). You should check these guys out as well.


26-03-2006 21:02:46

my mistake )


26-03-2006 21:20:23

Pretty sweet, congrats.


26-03-2006 22:51:31

Glad to see that you received your games! Thanks for the proof picture.

t.money, we are seperate from the TRAINN site and actually launched in October, 2005.


26-03-2006 23:01:35

I didn't say that, shortys408 did.


27-03-2006 04:37:26

Awsome this site is the best!


27-03-2006 06:40:27

[quotefc410116b5="t.money"]I didn't say that, shortys408 did.[/quotefc410116b5]

You are correct. Sorry about that.