$670 PayPal!

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25-03-2006 21:58:02

In the last month, I've gotten $670 PayPal.
$400 from DVDRecorders4Free
$250 from LCDs.Free4Me.net
$20 from OrderFood4Free.com

I sent some of it to my bank account and spent the rest on various networking and computer parts. D

[img88cfff60ca]http/" alt=""/img159.imageshack.us/img="159/6169/paypal15zd.th.png[" alt=""/img88cfff60ca][=http//img="159.imageshack.us/my.php?image=paypal15zd.png][img88cfff60ca]http/" alt=""/img159.imageshack.us/img="159/6169/paypal15zd.th.png[" alt=""/img88cfff60ca]

[img88cfff60ca]http/" alt=""/img159.imageshack.us/img="159/5561/paypal25zq.th.png[" alt=""/img88cfff60ca][=http//img="159.imageshack.us/my.php?image=paypal25zq.png][img88cfff60ca]http/" alt=""/img159.imageshack.us/img="159/5561/paypal25zq.th.png[" alt=""/img88cfff60ca]

[img88cfff60ca]http/" alt=""/img127.imageshack.us/img="127/2552/paypal33hd.th.png[" alt=""/img88cfff60ca][=http//img="127.imageshack.us/my.php?image=paypal33hd.png][img88cfff60ca]http/" alt=""/img127.imageshack.us/img="127/2552/paypal33hd.th.png[" alt=""/img88cfff60ca]


25-03-2006 22:04:35

You did order it for free but didn't get dinner? o

Grats man.


25-03-2006 22:09:35

[quote41c5ac8bc3="UberVash"]You did order it for free but didn't get dinner? o

Grats man.[/quote41c5ac8bc3]
Was going to order some Pizza, but then realized that my total would probably end up being over $20 (Gotta feed 5 People) and I didn't want to risk the order not going through, because I was going to place the order like 2 hours in advance, and the site says that order placed for under 8 hours later may not go through. So I just opted for the PayPal instead. D


26-03-2006 10:23:07