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24-03-2006 12:38:26

yup thats right, this all non-cc offer site is 100% legit, and my official FIRST FREEBIE RECEIVED!!! D D D lol, this is cool tho, i thought i'd never prosper from this and finally i did, now on to receving bigger and better things like trainn stuff and free4me stuff, wish my luck on future career guys D

Proof Pics!!!

1. Everything together- Link[=http//]Link
2. Just card- Link[=http//]Link
3. Just letter- Link[=http//]Link
4. Just packaging- Link[=http//]Link

Look for my trade threads to see what other gifts u can help me get D
Also look for my selling thread, i'm sellin a hard a drive, gop check it out D


24-03-2006 12:40:22

Not wise to leave your address there, Mr. Anderville.


24-03-2006 12:55:02

oh yea damn, lol, i meant to black that out, thanks man

definitely +++Karma for u, lol

ok i fixed it, black out my address, name, and all those number confirmations in stuff, jus in case people could like take that and do stuff, lol


24-03-2006 13:29:32

so how many refs it must be high with no cc offers


24-03-2006 14:23:53

Err...what the hell is Fuffilment? lol

Congrats though!

Oh, and twista, I think it's 10 refs.


24-03-2006 21:14:15

lol, i guess that means finishin the site, and yea its 10 refs, pretty easy to get tho since its all non-cc offers, anyone can do it


24-03-2006 23:40:56

Anyone got a linky?


25-03-2006 08:53:40

[quote0a6b501c6a="fashionjunkee"]Anyone got a linky?[/quote0a6b501c6a]Sent and congrats. I was really wondering if this site was legit. I'm gonna go after these guys now.


25-03-2006 09:00:11

so how many refs?

unknown uchiha

25-03-2006 09:49:29

Ten refs, no CC offers (lead forms, etc)


25-03-2006 13:03:52

wooo got mine today to. Ill put up pictures later.


25-03-2006 17:47:13

Oh hells yeah! They even got a Nano site for 25 referrals!


28-03-2006 12:03:47

[quote398d80b70b="fashionjunkee"]Oh hells yeah! They even got a Nano site for 25 referrals![/quote398d80b70b]

yup, and a ds lite site for 30 refs, they're a lot but worth it for 100% free offers

and btw, if u didnt start the nano site yet, wanna sign up under me, offering $3 for it, let me know )