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22-03-2006 17:32:43

Okay, I've been doing some of the CCU sites, and You Bingo is one of them and its not half bad.

Depoisted $50 and so far I've grabbed a couple bingos and am up to $130+ and turned over my entire bonus just about, so can pull out anytime.

Gonna come out with at least $100+ when all is said and done, but until then BINGO! )


22-03-2006 18:57:09

congrats, when I was doing bingo offers for I was making a killing, easy money

keep up the good work, rake those old women over the


22-03-2006 21:11:04

Congrats! Make sure you don't get addicted and lose everything though. ;)


23-03-2006 12:06:41

Yeah listen to Compguru, addiction is why Ghondi no longer does casino's with slots or blackjack.


23-03-2006 13:33:06

thanks !!!!!!!


23-03-2006 13:35:17

Same here. Started with putting $25 in my Neteller account and I have completed three casino offers and now have $30 in my Neteller account. One site paid for the two others and got a $5 profit. I actually enjoy playing Blackjack.


23-03-2006 14:31:17

Yah, I really don't like doing the Casino offers since the pay is decent, but so many are out to scam you, plus its hard as fuck to withdraw your money. I won $800 at one casino and couldnt withdraw because a very small portion had to be wagered 20x over, and by the time I did that it was down to a much lesser amount like $200, total BS.


23-03-2006 17:54:01

Congrats! Hope it opens to Canadians soon


23-03-2006 22:28:41

I don't know why I thought your thread said Blingo but congrats.


24-03-2006 05:11:11

[quote5eeaf6da1c="johnjimjones"]I don't know why I thought your thread said Blingo but congrats.[/quote5eeaf6da1c]
I thought it said Blingo too. lol