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ipod chick

22-03-2006 16:43:22

Geez, after being approved back in Jan and still processing for almost 2 months, I almost gave up hope, but two days after I emailed to see what was up, it was approved (again) stv and shipped. It must've gotten here the next day, I ended up getting 3 delivery attempts by DHL but they never left a note and the DHL trick wasn't working, by chance I tracked it from freepay site, saw the history, drove over and picked it up myself.

Still not sure what to do with it, I have the 20gb that I love so I'll either use it as a giveaway on one of my sites, or put it on ebay. Oh...I also got 2 pieces of freepay swag D

http//[" alt=""/img238cc9e68d]

With the rule change and how hard it is to prove approvals, this may be it for me, I started going after the laptop, I have 2 green and may get 2 more, but I don't know if I can get the rest by the end of May ?

Oh well, I got what I really wanted the 20gb so it's all good.


22-03-2006 16:44:21

Is that a clock? What is that?

ipod chick

22-03-2006 16:52:59

My bad, I was trying to keep it pristine in case I put it on ebay, lol yea it's a clock, here's a closeup

http//[" alt=""/imgcb67867cd0]


22-03-2006 16:54:21

I wanna get my vid ipod but need 3 more gs

ipod chick

22-03-2006 16:55:55

What's the deadline date you need to get your greens in by?


22-03-2006 16:56:37


ipod chick

22-03-2006 16:58:10

I'll PM you


29-03-2006 21:11:15

ha im not a fan of the shuffle, but if its free its ok to me