I Love Trainn!!!

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22-03-2006 15:11:24

Finished up yourps34free.com and yourfreeflatscreens.com Last Week. Got approved for both in 4 short business days, and 3 days later got my $250 paypal from the flatscreen site. One the other side of the stream, still backordered for my premiumipod from Freepay. Been about two months now. I wonder who my favorite is....hmmm

By the way, does anyone know how and when we can select a game for the PS3 bundle? I know its a ways off, but Im approved and didnt see any selection options. Thanks Trainn!!!


22-03-2006 21:11:32



02-04-2006 18:44:40

good stuff


02-04-2006 20:31:15

Congrats. PM Jake about your backordered status I did and recieved mine shortly after.