6 offer nuitech ibook!!!!!!!

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21-03-2006 15:21:48

Came in the mail today, I am in KC for spring break though so I cant post pics till later this week.


21-03-2006 16:54:23



21-03-2006 17:17:44

A little off topic, but why would you come here for spring break? It snowed last night. Oh yeah, and congrats, 6 offers for real? Sounds like a deal.


21-03-2006 17:35:16

i live in KC too, you could maybe get 2 days of interesting stuff to do out of KC. then it just gets boring


21-03-2006 17:35:17

Congrats D I luckily signed up for the ibook about 2 days before the offers changed.


21-03-2006 23:36:30

Well to answer the question about being in kc its because i live in a really small town that totally blows so me and tjwor and 3 other guys came up here to hang out and just like shop and chill and try to get drunk, pretty much cuz we dont have enough money to go anywhere fun an we just wanted to get away so we came here, and it has turned out pretty good because we got these hooters chicks from the hooters on barry rd. to hang out with us, i swear to go those knockers were bigger than your head, and i didnt keep a timeline but after they received my voucher it took less than 2 weeks


22-03-2006 08:54:47

Haha, I understand. I figured you hadnt come very far to get to KC, or you were here to visit family. Seems like most the people that travel here come for family.


22-03-2006 14:58:32

One of my favorite comedians said a joke about KC one time.
[quote81b9ef020e="David Cross"]I don't know anyone in Kansas City which is good for people I know.[/quote81b9ef020e]

Congrats willie...