My Second Freebie- FreePay FINALLY came through!

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20-03-2006 10:01:22

I've been processing since 1/27 on the black premium iPod. Well, folks, TODAY IS THE DAY!!! It came in the mail via DHL today! All I have is a cameraphone, but the pics didn't come out badly.

Note I'm just starting with one pic. I'll be adding more later.

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There it all is folks iPod, T-Shirt, and, yes, that is a mousepad. It's good, cuz I actually needed one.
[img="d762dafe3f]http/" alt=""/"71/5708/23gh.jpg[" alt=""/imgd762dafe3f]
Up close and personal, all packaged and sealed. You can see my dorm blanket as well. Isn't it grand?
[img="d762dafe3f]http/" alt=""/"71/7553/32mq.jpg[" alt=""/imgd762dafe3f]
There it is folks. The iPod itself (and the mousepad, of course, just in case anyone forgets where I got it from).
[img="d762dafe3f]http/" alt=""/"353/107/48cd.jpg[" alt=""/imgd762dafe3f]
I love that little thing that says "Don't steal music." They're sending such a good message to all the little kids not to be music-stealing pirates. You kids and your technology...
[img="d762dafe3f]http/" alt=""/"353/7852/59ji1.jpg[" alt=""/imgd762dafe3f]
The whole thing, still packaged (for now...hehe).
[img="d762dafe3f]http/" alt=""/"353/4990/69af.jpg[" alt=""/imgd762dafe3f]
Ah, there I am! Don't I look so happy? I knew you wanted to see my ugly mug.
[img="d762dafe3f]http/" alt=""/"353/7133/70it.jpg[" alt=""/imgd762dafe3f]
Me again. A little better pic of the iPod. Cuz I know that's what you really want to see.


20-03-2006 10:16:06



20-03-2006 10:32:31

i just realized that freepay was the first to predicte a black iPod


20-03-2006 10:38:15

wow thats crazy


20-03-2006 11:24:49

Mines "shipped" as of now toooo....Im hop'n for the best when i get to the mailbox in an hour or so...


20-03-2006 14:24:53

Sssweeettt! They never gave me the mouse pad though. (


20-03-2006 14:28:45



20-03-2006 14:36:38

shit that's a mouse pad! damn, I need a new one too. Sucks that they just email you your freegiftcard


20-03-2006 15:12:03

Updated! Now, WITH MORE PICS!


20-03-2006 15:38:26

Got mine....AIGHTY!!!


20-03-2006 16:39:21

nice hair! (and ipod) lol D


20-03-2006 16:54:48

awesome, i just got my nano from freepay on friday but didnt get a mousepad or a tshirt. I got a sticker and a clock. The clock is pretty cool but it is cheap and hard to read, i would rather have a mousepad


23-03-2006 22:00:52

Congratulations! I feel a lot better people are getting there stuff, I have been processing since 2/2


23-03-2006 22:34:00

i get to ask for approval this sat on my 1st freebie-- ipod and handbag! glad freepay is still sending their items out. was getting a little scared!! maybe i'll be the first one to post up a gucci purse here!!


23-03-2006 22:44:19

WTFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!! Ive never been so freaking jealous. Check out my siggy. Yeah I went into processing on the 24th of January and still have not recieved mine. Im in "Back Order" status now.


24-03-2006 00:07:57

+kma for the


24-03-2006 00:32:18

Shake them dreads...



24-03-2006 04:24:50