Received IPOD & $1000

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17-03-2006 10:16:22

I came home early from work today to get my video ipod from gadget city that just went shipped yesterday and my $1000 visa gift card from everyfreegift!!!

Now i just need my marketsurveygroup and big win.

I LOVE YFD...until they changed cry


17-03-2006 10:23:19

Lucky bish. O


17-03-2006 13:05:17


When did they receive your certs. on gadget city?? I'm waiting on a gift from them too.

And btw, congrats!


17-03-2006 13:14:30

feb 8th i believe


17-03-2006 14:28:07

wtf, I'm waiting on my HP laptop from them, they got my certs on 1/23 I hope it shipped already and they just haven't marked it on the site. I really want it )