Giftcards delivered

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14-03-2006 14:43:00

I finally got my freepay giftcards. 2 $100 best buy cards and a $100 to McCormick & Schmicks restaurant for the wife and I. The best buy money will go towards a 360 once they actually get them in stores...any day now roll
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Now I'm waiting on my last two freepay mac mini greens and I'm done. I may go try out Trainn, but otherwise I can't really see finishing any other freepay sites especially with how they're dragging their feet on greening. It's nuts. Anyway, I'm glad I actually got my cards especially after the TOS change and all. I'll be very glad once I get a mini at my door though dance2


14-03-2006 20:35:58

how long did it take to get the cards after you were approved?
I have been "processing" for about 4 days now.


15-03-2006 04:43:31

I think it was like two weeks. And, I think it only took that long because I submitted for approval right when they changed the TOS. That probably delayed things. Shipment from took about 2.5 days. They sent them out friday and I got them on tuesday.