$1,000 from MarketSurveyGroup (in lieu of Plasma)

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12-03-2006 23:59:17


i took the money since they were saying it would be AT LEAST 12 weeks before they were shipping plasmas, and since i have a few other accounts, why wait?

check arrived saturday, 8 days after I called and said I'd take the money and run. Woot!

Gonna use the money on some pricey dentalwork, unfortunately....


13-03-2006 00:01:27

Congrats Luca, you are the man!!! (Woman)


13-03-2006 00:42:09

Kickass. What kind of dental work?


13-03-2006 03:52:32

a grill


13-03-2006 06:33:05

Always knew Luca would look good with a grill


13-03-2006 07:50:32

Was this from MarketResearchGroup or MarketSurveyGroup? I didn't know of a site called MRG, and can't seem to find anything... typo? if not link me please )


13-03-2006 08:14:01

Sorry, my typo.. it's markeysurvey.. who knows where my brain is.

I have to get a root canal and a damned Crown for a cracked molar tooth. Killify meeeeeeeeeeeee

thanks all!

mail came, so I guess I'll make another brag bag.. heh


13-03-2006 11:51:02

If I knew I-deal would come thru with my plasma I'd take the $1K too...


13-03-2006 12:50:36

I find it an insult that they're offering a $1000 check to replace a $2500 check.