First Freebies!

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08-03-2006 17:22:31

At long last, my first free stuff (no pics cause I'm too lazy)

1) $250 paypal from TRAINN flatscreen site
Total time 5 months of slowly working away, mostly ignoring it and grabbing cheap refs when I saw them

2) Perfect Dark Zero and PGR3 through Microsoft's Retail ExpertZone!
Total time about 45 minutes of really repetative quizzes. The kicker on this one is that I don't actually work at any of the participating retailers! Cost $17, $5 per game plus shipping. Now all I need is to finish 3604free....

And one more green on dvdrecorders4free will get me another $400 paypal (hoping on no DQ's here....)



08-03-2006 17:25:01

congrats man. How did you get those games without working at a participating retailer?


08-03-2006 17:27:10

Congrats. You're 30 TR and you just got your first. Hmmm. Weird.


08-03-2006 21:43:12

[quote61b2838a6a="d3athtonic"]Congrats. You're 30 TR and you just got your first. Hmmm. Weird.[/quote61b2838a6a]

tru dat. but i could say the same thing about wiggaz receiving 2k items with 0 TR so he's cool in my books. congrats...


08-03-2006 22:03:53

[quotef20b07ff9d="d3athtonic"]Congrats. You're 30 TR and you just got your first. Hmmm. Weird.[/quotef20b07ff9d]

lol, I guess that does look weird. When I started free stuff I started all TRAINN sites plus a couple others at once. So I'm like 75% done all of them(on average), this was just the first I actually finished.

And as to how I got the items without working at a retailer - I do work at WalMart here in Canada, and it is on the list, however they don't participate. So I can do the quizzes and what not, but theres no points or rewards. So I just went into my profile and said I worked at EBgames (its really easy to change). I also live in small town Canada, so I doubt they're gonna check up on it. I got all my points and ordered in about 45 minutes late one night. It went to confirmed and shipped withing a few hours. That's so fast that even if they were gonna check they would be too late cause it would have shipped already! I'm not recommending anyone else try this, M$ may hunt you down. But it did work for me!


08-03-2006 22:37:56

can you do us a service? say for like 5 bucks per game you could get us your mailing addy and we could "launder" the games thru you. meaning, we get some fake addy somewhere in canada, or a store, then once we get enuff points we put in YOUR addy so the games could come to you, and then you ship em to us. that way we won't get caught and you will make a bunch of cash by going to the post office once or twice a week.