$415 bucks from 3604free.com

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07-03-2006 22:43:19

It's been a WHILE since my last freebie so I'm glad to finally come back to this section of the forum and actually post something of my own instead of just looking and drooling over peoples freebies... $415 bucks from TRAINN... took about a week to get approved and 2 days to get my cash... very nice network. I'm not sure if anyone wants to see my picture... but here it is neway... and YES, i'm still using IE... rolleyes

http/" alt=""/img.photobucket.com/albums/v356/xxhasek99/trainns3604freereceived.jpg[/imgbd78b1ad48]


07-03-2006 22:47:40

Good job


08-03-2006 00:46:45

good amount, well done.


08-03-2006 01:46:25

Can I borrrow some P ?


08-03-2006 08:49:14

Lmao FGR...over $10k in freebies and asking to borow money,lol


08-03-2006 09:28:51

[quote3fa59aee60="fgr_admin"]Can I borrrow some P ?[/quote3fa59aee60]

sure man, where do i send the 415 YEN? mrgreen