Just got my 17" Dell flatscreen from Trainn

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07-03-2006 14:32:40

Did this site a while back in a trade. Got all 5 of my refs in Jan and Feb. Approved in the middle of Feb and recieved today. Took 4 business days from the status saying shipped to recieved.

http//server5.ihostphotos.com" alt=""/imgt/aa4b3FT5864321055TfG2a674bCcba85.jpg[/img36f9bd629c][=http//server5.ihostphotos.com/show.php?id=aa4b3FT5864321055TfG2a674bCcba85][img="36f9bd629c]http//server5.ihostphotos.com" alt=""/imgt/aa4b3FT5864321055TfG2a674bCcba85.jpg[/img36f9bd629c][/url]

[url==http//server5.ihostphotos.com/show.php?id=43F0029f8T17a0be3T0Ge5a5507Y892e][img="36f9bd629c]http//server5.ihostphotos.com" alt=""/imgt/43F0029f8T17a0be3T0Ge5a5507Y892e.jpg[/img36f9bd629c][=http//server5.ihostphotos.com/show.php?id=43F0029f8T17a0be3T0Ge5a5507Y892e][img="36f9bd629c]http//server5.ihostphotos.com" alt=""/imgt/43F0029f8T17a0be3T0Ge5a5507Y892e.jpg[/img36f9bd629c][/url]

[url==http//server5.ihostphotos.com/show.php?id=F59f9b38T57dcT53f0G1060042Gdfdf0][img="36f9bd629c]http//server5.ihostphotos.com" alt=""/imgt/F59f9b38T57dcT53f0G1060042Gdfdf0.jpg[/img36f9bd629c][=http//server5.ihostphotos.com/show.php?id=F59f9b38T57dcT53f0G1060042Gdfdf0][img="36f9bd629c]http//server5.ihostphotos.com" alt=""/imgt/F59f9b38T57dcT53f0G1060042Gdfdf0.jpg[/img36f9bd629c][/url]

codex avellum

07-03-2006 14:43:14

congrats !

very nice, got two of them monitors myself.


07-03-2006 14:44:25

I had to update my driver but that only took like 5 minutes. That thing is f-ing sweet

codex avellum

07-03-2006 14:51:54

did you load the color profile from the cd? makes it better too


07-03-2006 16:18:02

no I didn't, I explored the cd and I didn't find too much, what does it do?


08-03-2006 17:03:56

congrats... but you coulda went for teh 19incher for 1 more ref... what happened?


08-03-2006 17:19:50

i wanted the usb ports on the side, and I didn't want to do anymore offers in trade, and I'm going on a break from freebie sites.


08-03-2006 21:41:21

oh... why? offer shortage or just tired? and what did you receive in ur freebie career so far?


09-03-2006 09:37:47

Just tired. Recieved so far

From Freepay
20g ipod
1g ipod shuffle
4g ipod nano
Sony psp - (waiting for approval)

From Train
17" Dell monitor
30g video ipod - (waiting for 5th to turn green)

From Nuitech
Acer Laptop
Apple ibook


09-03-2006 16:21:28

... i'm sorry but where did you say you were getting ur greens from again?


09-03-2006 16:46:34

What are the USB ports for? I also have the same monitor I think. There are USB ports on the side, but they don't work? Anyways Congrats!


09-03-2006 17:04:12

[quote59caf9a620="punjabGTRR34"]What are the USB ports for? I also have the same monitor I think. There are USB ports on the side, but they don't work? Anyways Congrats![/quote59caf9a620]
I think there's a cable that you plug into the back of your monitor that goes into the USB ports on your computer. Then the USB ports should work.


09-03-2006 17:15:01

Alright. Thanks for letting me know. I'm going to look for the cables that came with the monitor.


09-03-2006 19:30:12

Ya, those make it so much easier to plug stuff into without having to dig behind the pc box and find an open port. An Hasek I'll PM you about where I got most of my referrals from.


10-03-2006 14:12:10

nice, but u could of jsut took the money and put 100 more bucks and got a 20.1 wide screen which is way better


10-03-2006 16:17:50

ya but then it wouldn't be "free"


10-03-2006 16:47:36

nice, seems like everyone is getting flatscreens now a days!


10-03-2006 19:40:23

flatscreen is definitely > CRT's


10-03-2006 20:16:14

Congrats! I took the cash. Needed it more.


10-03-2006 21:11:57

congrats, your a trooper, i am currently working on yourfreeflatscreens myself! D


10-03-2006 22:51:22

I'm trying to finish it up.

Congrats btw.


11-03-2006 01:26:01

thanks everyone