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06-03-2006 16:46:03

http//123stuffforfree.com/images/banner.jpg[" alt=""/img29d1d21232]

123 Stuff For Free. I signed up in Oct, but completely forgot about it, didn't do offer, didin't get refs, nothing.....but I started trying to complete it on 3/4/06, got 6 refs (all credited within 1/2 hour of signing up), did my offer (credited within 10 minutes), approved in <20 minutes, order placed 3/6/06. Less then 70 hours from when I started trying. They ship Fridays, and I've spoken to him and he said my item will be ordered through the company they order from on Friday, and it should be here within a week from Friday. I'll post pics when it gets here!! This is my first freebie I'm keeping, I've sold everything else, about time I get an iPod!!


06-03-2006 19:47:19

Can I get some details like a linky? What offers did you do? I'm so tired of the same old offers that I've already done.


06-03-2006 19:58:59

Yeah 123stuffforfree definitely is very quick at crediting. Amazing site.


06-03-2006 20:18:34

I had all my refs do blockbuster.com - except for one who did true.com

i did that spanish language thing today, credited within 20 minutes...



06-03-2006 21:12:29

isn't that against the TOS to do so? or is that just freepay/train


06-03-2006 21:28:42

They don't care.


06-03-2006 21:38:24

can't be agasint TOS, because if you post ur ref link on your website or something, nobody knows what offers your refs do. I only suggested it to 2 of my refs, the others did it on their own