My first freebie! 30 gb iPod

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01-03-2006 15:48:33

From Trainn!!! THANK YOU!!!!!! Sitting at work and my receptionist tapped me on the shoulder to give me a package -> I was in heaven! Now time to bring it to the apple store to exchange for a 60 gb ->

Sorry for the pic quality, it was taken from my cell phone....

Signed Up - Jan 27
Recieved - Mar 1

http//[" alt=""/imgea6e0ce68b]


01-03-2006 15:49:35

Congrats man. D


01-03-2006 15:51:32

Thanks! ->


01-03-2006 15:52:03

Nice work.

What do you do for your job?


01-03-2006 15:54:04

I design/draft FIOS layouts for Verizon Fiber as well as telcom sites (cell phone towers, monopoles and rooftop layouts) for Verizon/Sprint/Bechtel/Cingular etc....


01-03-2006 16:25:03

Verizon FiOS needs to come to where I live.

What are the exact speeds on it?


01-03-2006 17:11:19

i want verizon fios, too! cant wait for it


01-03-2006 17:31:47

No clue man -> I just draw the cable layouts and what fibers are going to be used for which houses...I mean theres a bunch of other stuff I do, but nothing in regards to speed/cost/availability....thats all them ->

But, I am currently doing work in VA, NJ, and if you live in those 3 states, tell me your county/town and I can say yes or no, thats about it ->


02-03-2006 04:14:35

Very nice, I hope to get the same for my first freebie D


02-03-2006 07:37:36

Congrats on the ipod.D I was gonna get the black one too but indecisive lil' me went for the white one.


02-03-2006 23:18:20

im from linden nj union county umm whats the price?


03-03-2006 22:50:53

congrats man... now all you need is an lcd 19" monitor... btw, how much r u gonna pay to get the 60GB one?

oh, and what's the timeline? how long did it take them to approve ur account and get u ur ipod? coz i'm about to finish the site and was wondering how much more i got to wait...


04-03-2006 07:47:03

Just went last night and got the 60

not sure of the exact timeline...sorry...I didn't keep track of days--but exactly one month from signup to delivery