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27-02-2006 17:28:28

I signed up for NetMarket back in January doing a DIY site and they were offering some really junky-looking MP3 player. I just got it in the mail today and it ended up being a Coby 128mb MP3 player. Looks kinda fancy but I know it's probably not very good; however, it's a lot better than the one that was advertised. Anyway, it's going on eBay.

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27-02-2006 17:51:45



27-02-2006 18:05:28

I got mine today too. I was also suprised by how nice it looks. I was expecting a lot worse.

Good luck selling it on eBay. I looked earlier today and it doesn't look too promising. Keeping mine for the gym.


27-02-2006 18:18:09

ill give someone 15 bucks +shipping for it


27-02-2006 20:38:19

I gave mine to my mom because my dad stole her ipod mini.


27-02-2006 22:31:09

my dad stole my moms house.


28-02-2006 04:01:37

my mom stole my dads house.


28-02-2006 04:03:51

my house stole my dad's mom


28-02-2006 13:18:40

The MP3 player I got from them a while ago was so generic the company that made it didn't have a name...


28-02-2006 14:10:07

The one I got didn't work. It looked like a small white square and the only thing I could make it do was turn on a low blue light.


28-02-2006 14:14:54

Yep, mine is the white square. I haven't even bothered to open it yet.

It's not compatible with my mac anyway. (


01-03-2006 00:58:30

Hey, mine came today too. ) Netmarket hasn't given me credit on IOG yet though. |


06-03-2006 07:06:40

I got mine a couple weeks ago. At first glance, I thought it was nicer than I expected...but then I looked at the buttons a little more, and it looks pretty..."fragile." I don't know what i'm going to do with mine just yet.

I wonder how much these things cost to manufacture. It's sad when some mp3 players are so cheap and generic that a company won't even risk their reputation by being labeled as the manufacturer of the thing.


06-03-2006 07:45:53

Yep, mine is the white square. I haven't even bothered to open it yet.

It's not compatible with my mac anyway. ([/quoted8cca37d4d]

A white square that's not compatible with a mac? wtf?


06-03-2006 10:46:11

ya i got mine, it's the same one as pictured in the first post. it's actually pretty handy, but i just have it to my lil sister. It's actually bigger (almost 2x) and heavier than my 1gb player found here http// (cept when i got it there was a rebate that knocked the price down to $50, very nice player) overall it's not bad for $1...esp when it was an offer for something else that's free lol wink

my only complaint is that the backlight LEDs all work cept for the blue one, so sometimes the light will go off. but other than that it's pretty good!


06-03-2006 15:41:43

how did you guys go about getting this for free? is it going on?


06-03-2006 15:48:10

i got mine a couple weeks ago... i opened it today. the only thing i'll use it for is the DRM stuff, since the iPod doesn't ahve it.

it's not worth $15, one was going on ebay for $1 P


06-03-2006 19:35:01

dosn't surprise me much