AnyGift4Points has made my week!

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23-02-2006 09:10:59

I signed up for the site LESS than a week ago and I already have my Shure E2g earphones in hand! Credits came quickly, it was very easy to complete, and I was really impressed with the quick response I got when I emailed asking for a tracking number. I cannot tell you all how happy I am with this site!

If you have any concerns about this site, put them to rest. I'm not usually one to praise like this, but I am handing out my referral number to my friends, that's for sure.


23-02-2006 10:31:21

so which ones are the fast crediting offers how long did you go from completion till getting your gift? details please thanks!


23-02-2006 13:01:48

The instant offers are labeled so I did the ones like Driving4Dollars, Psychic Realm, and such. I went through first and made a list of the cost of each one and started from $1 offers and then went up. I only had to do one $5.95 offer before I got my points. I'm kind of over-organized when it comes to the offers -- I write everything down so it's easy to cancel. Not all of them went through instantly, but they were credited within 12 hours. It seemed to me that two would go through instantly, then the rest would languish. I waited to let those go through before finishing on Sunday and the same pattern happened. I had to do 6 orders total.

I signed up Friday night, completed Sunday night, submitted the order Monday morning and had an email saying it was "fulfilled" that afternoon and "shipped" on Tuesday morning when I woke up. They emailed me my tracking number Tuesday afternoon (at my request). It got to my place Wednesday afternoon about 4.