$300 MasterCard from NuiTech received!

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22-02-2006 14:25:03

My $300 Visa (it says MasterCard on the site) arrived from a NuiTech site today. Yoursmartrewards I think, took 6 offers, pretty easy, a little over 2 weeks to get here once they received my voucher.

http//i5.photobucket.com/albums/y161/TylerC88/300gc.jpg[" alt=""/img944d246d13]


22-02-2006 14:26:52

nice, i'm waiting on 2 $500.00 Giftcards from Nuitech, one from me and one from my Girlfriend.


22-02-2006 15:22:15

over this next month the brag bag is going to be so crammed full of DIY gifts received

congrats on this one!


22-02-2006 15:28:01


I'm going after a $500 one next.


01-03-2006 10:42:06

Do these come in the mail or from USPS or another shipping company?


06-03-2006 07:58:33

yeah, i was curious how long it took you also.

i think mine should be here today or this week at latest.


06-03-2006 11:15:31

Yeah I am in the same boat as megotcash, mine from toy-offer should be here this week, and my nuitech ibook should be here within the next month cuz I am printing the voucher tomorrow