My Long Overdue Brag Thread

Live forum:


21-02-2006 18:55:51

http/" alt=""/"156/3162/giftcard1gf.jpg[" alt=""/imga82679742f] <-- $300 From

[img="a82679742f]http/" alt=""/"369/1281/freetech4me2pr0hz.jpg[" alt=""/imga82679742f] <-- $200 from Signed up on 2/2/06 - Paid $200 6 days later!!

[img="a82679742f]http//[" alt=""/imga82679742f] <--- 512mb Shuffle from OC

[img="a82679742f]http//[" alt=""/imga82679742f] <-- 1gb Shuffle from Freepay

[img="a82679742f]http/" alt=""/"369/8808/tfp3fh.jpg[" alt=""/imga82679742f] ^-- $250 from The Free Project (back when it was only "")

[img="a82679742f]http/" alt=""/"369/5415/oc1ay.jpg[" alt=""/imga82679742f] ^-- $275 from

[size=22a82679742f][ba82679742f]Not Pictured 20gb iPod, PSP, 4gb iPod Nano[/ba82679742f][/sizea82679742f]


21-02-2006 20:32:37

and enough condoms to compensate for lack of respect


22-02-2006 09:20:49

you were in the freebie scene as far back as the DVRS4free site?
considering you've been in the scene probably 1+ years im actualy suprised you havent completed more sites. Congrats on at least getting something though D