Finally got my very first free ipod!

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30-12-2005 14:03:25

i JUST GOT MY FREE IPOD TODAY!!! That was FAST! I didn't expect it to be that fast! It just went sent to vendor for 2 days and today the status turned into shipped (arrived at my door). I was sleeping on the couch, in bra and panties I might add because I had just taken a shower that night and I havn't washed my clothes in weeks and I was finally washing them. I didn't feel like looking for a shirt and pants. I wake up to a doorbell and see some DHL guy standing in front of my door through the key hole. I scream "Hold on, coming" and I hurry up go back, grabe this huge shirt, big poofy sweats, and answer the door. The guy was pretty cute and here I am in shitty clothes, just woke up, half asleep, no make-up, UGLY! How embarissing oops But I wanted my ipod and I didn't want to have to wait another day for them to ship it again or worse.... "BACK TO SENDER" o

It's my very first free item and I'm excited. I signed up way back 1 year+ ago when ipods first came out or something like that. I put the link on my xanga page and 1 year later, had a bunch of random people sign up and finally enough referalls. D

The only problem is, I ordered a black ipod, and they sent me a white one! Doesn't matter, because I'm thinking of trading it anyway and while it was sent to vendor, I was thinking, "Hmm, maybe I should have gotten the white one?", so it's all good. But still, what if I really wanted a black one? Why couldn't they have goofed up and send me a 60gb right? ;P I don't want to go through the hassle of sending it back and all that, unless they send me a completely new one ;) In my dreams roll

On to the photos )

I should have taken a picture of the DHL guy holding my package, but then that would be weird coming from a girl that looks like shit (

http/" alt=""/"522/2365" alt=""/img89135bu.jpg[/imgd171ff0d98][=http//][img="d171ff0d98]http/" alt=""/"522/2365" alt=""/img89135bu.jpg[/imgd171ff0d98][/url]
It's here!

[url==http//][img="d171ff0d98]http/" alt=""/"505/6994" alt=""/img89075km.jpg[/imgd171ff0d98][=http//][img="d171ff0d98]http/" alt=""/"505/6994" alt=""/img89075km.jpg[/imgd171ff0d98][/url]

[url==http//][img="d171ff0d98]http/" alt=""/"505/6204" alt=""/img89121ql.jpg[/imgd171ff0d98][=http//][img="d171ff0d98]http/" alt=""/"505/6204" alt=""/img89121ql.jpg[/imgd171ff0d98][/url]
The contents. The shirt is big for a size small, and I'm never wearing that around in public P And I got a pen, it's so small and chubby! hehe. And a freepay sticker.

Anyway, I want to trade this one in for a 60gb and pay for the difference. i read a couple of posts on here about trading but I'm still rather confused. I read about trading an old ipod in for the newer one, but has anyone had any better luck trading in the ipod video? Someone suggested Best Buy but they and Circuit City only exchange with a receipt these days. ? I don't know if Apple will take it. I don't want them to think I stole it or anything shock I went to Macy's once and bought a jacket and the lady scanned it and said that the tags had been switched. She took a real long time and acted like I did it or something and she started calling some people and I felt like I was a criminal. Not a good feeling. Any suggestions on how I can go about doing this? Thanks!

Once I finally get the 60gb I'm going to deck that baby out in Swarozski Crystals D


30-12-2005 14:04:48

Awesome. )

I like these huge brag brags. D

Too bad you didn't end up with a clock. I guess they ran out.

Enjoy that thing.


30-12-2005 14:07:42

Congrats!!! I got the black tshirt instead, hehe


01-01-2006 13:30:13

I wanted the black one but they didn't have it in small; no biggie ;)

I called Apple and they said that they would only trade it in if it was purchased at the Apple store or ( I don't mind too much if I were stuck with the 30GB but then it's only $100 for double the memory so why not. I pretty much have my hands tied as of right now. I think every store requires a receipt. Darn electronics x How in the world did some people manage to trade it in? The only thing I can think of right now is to sell it on ebay and take the money earned to buy the 60gb, but geez what a hassle ? Someone please help? cry


01-01-2006 15:43:44

You shouldn't have called them. That's less confrontational. What you have to do is go up there and get in there face. In a pathetic begging/confident way. Make it seem like you got this as a gift and your library is too big for this and you need a 60GB.

In fact, if you're even remotely hot then they should do it for you. They'll exchange it for the worth of the iPod in the form of a giftcard.


01-01-2006 16:51:17

The first is always the best. I remember picking up my ipod back at the DHL facility back in March, it was a great day.


02-01-2006 22:57:08

Well considering I think I look young and am rather short, I don't think my efforts into trying to seduce an Apple employee would be too sucessful lol

I never knew the policies could be bent. It makes me uncomfortable knowing that the stores don't stick to one strict policy rather than having them say no on the phone, and saying yes to some and no to others in person. I thought that since the product didn't come from their stores, the employees couldn't do much. I'm not familiar with this kind of thing considering I've never worked in retail with the items having multiple bare codes. If that's the case I know a few people who work at Best Buy. I wonder if they'd be able to do anything about it even though I think they require a receipt for exchanges...

Hmm.. I promised myself I wouldn't step foot inside a mall for some time since I blew so much money [on myself] this season x I guess I could stop by the Apple Store and see them in person since I need to return something anyway.

Should I be assertive, pushy, and in their face, or should I be easy going and innocent?

Should I act like I know what I'm doing or should I act technology disabled?

Should I say that's it's a gift and act like I assume that it came from Apple and just go with the flow and see how they handle it from there or should I admit that there is a possibility that the ipod wasn't bought from their store?

Should I tell them I got it was a gift, won it from an organization raffle, or that I got it for a free gift from buying a trendmill? All stories are reasonable and I took them from my life so they very well could have happened to me. I'm not sure which is the best to stick with though.
- If I had gotten the gift from my neighbors, I wouldn't be able to have the receipt because they get real easily offended when it comes to returning gifts and they see it as a rude and disrespectful gesture.
[I remember last year I got a gift certificate from an indendent store and I wanted to see if I could trade it in for cash or something since I didn't want anything at the store. I didn't end up being able to get the money but I just mentioned it to them and they went nuts, so I'm imagining if I had gotten the ipod from them]
- I was recently at an organization raffle and they had 3 apple ipods for prizes. So if I had actually won one of them...
- I have a trendmill at home and I saw a commercial on TV for the New Balance trendmill. They were giving an ipod as a gift and I was thinking, "hey, I should have bought the trendmill from them! Then I would have had a free ipod!" So I'm thinking if I got the ipod from them...

Sorry about sounding a little too annoying but I don't live near an Apple Store. There's only one that's in reasonable driving distance. I'm not fortunate enough to be able to visit 3 different Apple stores so I want my first and only visit to go flawlessly. I don't want to walk out with the same ipod in my hand knowing that the outcome could have been different if I had done or say something differently. Thanks


02-01-2006 23:24:22

we wanted to see pictures of you, not the received ipod D



03-01-2006 01:40:59

ive exchanged 2 ipods now. all i did was i went up to the register, said "hi, id like to exchange this ipod (im thinking if u say exchange instead of return, it sounds less bad to them?) that i got as a gift." then they said "do u have the receipt?" and i said "no -\ but id really like to get the 60 gig -\" and then they said "ok thats fine lemme ring it up" bam!

if pressed about no receipt, i would just say u got it as a gift and the person who gave u it told u it was from the apple store, and that the person who gave u it also said that they had asked the store if u would be able to exchange it with no receipt and they said yes. sometimes that last bit works on stores that are very set on their "no". good luck!


03-01-2006 12:27:07

When they scan the ipod, they will know that it wasn't from their store, so how are the able to take it back? What if they think I stole it or something o


03-01-2006 13:06:14

i doubt theyll think u stole it...just having it be from a different store dusnt make any store assume u stole it. and all i know is they scanned it and exchanged it for me, and didnt make a fuss. give it a try.


03-01-2006 13:13:11

I read about how someone on here tried trading their's in at the Store and when it was scanned, the employee had to go call the manager and everything. I hope my little trip goes smoothly! Did you get your ipods from freepay? That's where mine is from.


04-01-2006 03:32:12

yep, freepay


04-01-2006 08:39:21

they don't care as long as it is not opened. i walked in to an apple store last week and asked them.


04-01-2006 12:41:29

Look at it this way, FreePay's supplier had to buy the iPod from Apple anyway (most likely), so Apple is still getting their money.


05-01-2006 20:02:30

Do you think they will be less likely to say yes if I told them I wanted the credit in the form of a gift card instead, so I can use it on the apple store online?


05-01-2006 20:19:12



05-01-2006 21:12:17

( Why? What if I tell them it's because I want it laser engraved? (That's why really)


06-01-2006 06:29:13

Yeah, were are the pics of you in your panties holding your iPod? Thats what we all really wanted to see!

Either way...congrats!

Akalic--Where is that picture taken? Theres no way in hell thats at the stone pony! There are no trees near that place!!!


06-01-2006 11:41:01

[quote7607e45b16="astronaut"]When they scan the iPod, they will know that it wasn't from their store, so how are the able to take it back? What if they think I stole it or something o[/quote7607e45b16]

the bar codes are the same on every iPod of the same type so if they scan it it will show the same as 1 from thier store i work retail, the barcodes are the same everywhere u go unless the store puts thier own barcode (in the form of a sticker) on it all u gotta do is say u got it as a gift and u dont have a reciept cuz it was a gift (and you wouldnt even be lying) and be innocent but tech savvy.


06-01-2006 12:51:52

The ipods have the same bar code for the model type and stuff I know, BUT, the ipods have a serial number and those have their own individual barcode so that's what I'm mainly worried about. I don't know if they have a database of ipod serial numbers that were bought from their store and online or something...


06-01-2006 14:23:53

Don't worry about it, just take it back.


06-01-2006 15:34:30

yeah, i thought there'd be pics of a girl in undies dammit. Don't you ever tell a story that starts off with near nudity and not back it up with pics!!

Unless you're a shy, delicate flower like me. then you could get away with it.



07-01-2006 21:14:26

I went to the mall today [returned a TON of stuff] and was also able to exchange my ipod! If you would like to read about my apple adventure, read on D

I walk into Apple, saying that I recieved an apple ipod for a gift and he says, "So I expect you don't have the receipt right?" Yes. I told him I wanted to upgrade and pay the difference to get the "bigger one". He said, "yeah, the 60gb" and I said, "Yeah... I guess.. whatever! The biggest one, the 400$ one." He scans it and I pretend to be occupied by getting my cash [well I needed to get it anyway but I took longer than usual] and I can see that the scanning of the regular barcode went smoothly, but when he tried scanning the serial number barcode, he tried about 4 times [I bet it didn't show up that it was bought at the store] and he kept typing a bunch of keys. I got a little worried there and he asks me, "So did they say they got it at apple?" And still looking down counting my cash, I calmly and cooly say "Yeah, that's what they said. They said it was Apple. I don't live near here so I had to have a 45 minute drive with traffic just to return this thing because I think this is the nearest Apple store. [I actually don't live THAT far but I wanted to add that in so it seemed like I had to go through a lot to get there and if he said no, I would be pissed] So he actually goes along with me and all this time I'm trying to be friendly and make him laugh and stuff. He finally asks me what color ipod I want and I try to still make conversation by asking which one is less scratch resistant and which color he prefers and stuff.

Then I add in the idea that I wanted to get mine laser engraved. He said that it can only be done online. Oh! So can I get a gift card so I can get it online then? [I knew they didn't do it at the store, I really wanted the gift card in the first place but I didn't want to be suspicious. I mean, I have no receipt, The serial number doesn't show up, and now I want a gift card?! Now I have a reason] So he says okay. He suggests that I just get the gift card for the 30gb and just pay the difference with my credit card all online but I tell him that I want to pay the difference with cash for the gift card since I "don't like using my credit card often becuase I have a phobia of being in credit card debt" [which I kind of do, just not really that extreme. It made me sound silly though.]. I pay the difference and I get a gift card, which has enough for me to buy the 60gb online. I ask him if THAT'S the right gift card to use online and if it has a pin number or if a card that can only be used at the store, He says good question, so the guy doesn't know, so he has to ask his co-worker, he doesn't know and he had to read the back of the gift card paper thing, and I finally find the pin on another card and said, alright, I can use it! He gives me the gift card, which had $430 or something like that. He has to tell me "Now don't lose it!" [since I seem pretty bimbo as of now lol]I tell him I also want to purchase "that plastic case thingy" and he goes and gets it. I tell him I want to charge it on my Gift Card, but the guy was really confused with my whole transaction and what I wanted, that he messed up [maybe didn't understand right, I had to explain it several times] and he charged me 25.00 cash instead of on the gift card. I ended up paying 135 or something total for the difference when it was supposed to be 110. I walk out, wondering why I got charged so much. I look at the receipt and realize that he didn't do what I wanted.

I go back, then while my friend's waiting in line for me, I talk to another employee guy about the warranty of the ipod and if glueing Swarovski crystals would void the warranty because I heard yes and no of both sides. I also ask if there was an armband for the video [which there isn't one yet] I go back in line and get the same cashier guy [poor guy, probably shocked I was back] and told him that I wanted a cash refund for the case and I wanted to rebuy the case, but this time charge it on the GIFT CARD I had just gotten. He was confused again, laughed, and said that it was going to turn out to be the same thing bla bla bla but I just told him to do it, whatever, it doesn't matter, it'll make me happy. So he does it but warns me that then I will have to use my credit card to pay for the $25 that I just took off of the Gift card because the gift card had exactly enough to pay for the 60gb. I tell him it's okay and finally tell him that I'm going to use a student discount, please don't think I'm crazy! [since I bothered him so much with confusing stuff] and he finally understands that I'll be getting a $30 discount on the site so he can finally say, "Oh no, I don't think you're crazy" haha lol

I walk out outside again, look at the receipt, and realize that when I used my gift card, it didn't show my remaining balance! I thought to myself, hmm what if there was a technical mistake and what if your gift card gets wiped out without you even knowing! I go back, talk to some other guy and tell him that. He says that you would know how much you have remaining if you tried purchasing something. I tell him that then wouldn't it be too late? How are you going to prove that you had more money on it before? And he thinks for a second and says "... you... wouldn't be able to.. Good question" So he says he can check the balance for me, so I follow him BACK to the register and that poor guy is there again and is probably scared to see me back for the THIRD time. For some reason the guy had to scan a nano and pretend that I bought something to figure out how much was left in the gift card. I told him he should bring it up to the apple people or something because that's a BIG problem not showing the balance because it could screw some people up and that he might get a raise or something if he tried, but he said "nah.. they wouldn't give me a raise" lol. I got a little iffy and asked to make sure that it wasn't like I really bought the nano and the amount was taken off my gift card. He took a gift card card and wrote down the amount I had on it. I wanted to have him sign it with his name and everything but I was like... whatever. I for sure know that one guy will remember me if anything goes wrong, and I remembered the description of the other guy. He had black eyebrows, hair, and a brown goatee, which I really thought was odd D haha.

And that concludes my Apple Adventure. So I go back THREE times and give everyone a hard time. You would think that once I was fortunate enough to even have them say okay to me returning the ipod which had no receipt and no proof that it was from the store, that I would be satisfied and leave and never come near the place, but I kept asking for more lol I'm such a bitch, but I remained cute and stupid the whole time P

I finally got home and used the gift card to buy the 60gb black ipod video with my name engraved in it using a student discount. So, I payed about 110 dollars for the difference, and was able to buy the 60gb ipod, the Agent 18 case, AND have 6 dollars left on the gift card ) I'll use the $6 for when they finally make an armband for the 60gb video ipod.

I was walking around the mall all day with my new high heel boots that I havn't broken in to yet, and now my feet are in extreme pain ( I had Dr. Scholes in them too! (

BUT YAY, now I can say I am a proud owner of a 60gb ipod, and I am now satisfied ) [Still needs to be shipped to my home though!]


08-01-2006 01:54:06

congrats.. my eyes are burning from reading all that but yay!


08-01-2006 07:58:27

[quotec94f7024b4="LucaBella"]yeah, i thought there'd be pics of a girl in undies dammit. Don't you ever tell a story that starts off with near nudity and not back it up with pics!!

Unless you're a shy, delicate flower like me. then you could get away with it.

Congrats![/quotec94f7024b4] lol oops


14-01-2006 22:17:08

This girl is psycho !


14-01-2006 22:38:13

So.. after all of that reading I think Im going to take my eyes out and put new ones in..