First Gift!

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14-11-2005 06:18:17

Finally got $250 after nearly two motnths of waiting from! YES!


14-11-2005 06:22:52

Congrats. D


14-11-2005 06:34:38

[quotefb9f0453cc="raft"]Finally got $250 after nearly two motnths of waiting from! YES![/quotefb9f0453cc]

They paid?!


14-11-2005 09:42:08

suprisingly enough after like a kabillion support tickets, bad site for a beginner


14-11-2005 09:49:03

[quote708fe19576="raft"]suprisingly enough after like a kabillion support tickets, bad site for a beginner[/quote708fe19576]

what kind of wait times are expected for receiving gifts? same?

or is it more trouble if u order paypal?


14-11-2005 11:36:45

no believe its the same for paypal and gifts, I've heard the average wait time is about 2 months, and that was for me as well. it got all sketchy too cause the site closed down and they opened a new one? I don't know but I got my fricken money.


14-11-2005 12:10:07

Thats cool congrats, yeah i finished one of there new sites i've been stuch in prossesing for the past 20 days i hope i don't have to wait as long as you. Anyway good job with your first site.


14-11-2005 12:43:20

I've only heard stories of DOOM from TheFreeProject, and their ship times.... shock


14-11-2005 14:43:36



14-11-2005 16:22:26

it just says I got 250 dollars, shouldnt be exciting enough to put up a picture lol


14-11-2005 16:27:25

Congrats, you earned it!


15-11-2005 12:20:02

Starting in December or January, we will begin shipping either weekly or bi-weekly.


15-11-2005 14:00:28

Was it a check in the mail or through a paypal deposit?


15-11-2005 17:30:28

I haven't heard anything bad about TFP, except people angry over them closing their site in favor of the network. I've always heard about people getting paid, albeit 2 months later, and was confident that I'd receive my 400, and I did as well.

Congrats, Raft! that first gift is always the sweetest, heh.