Ipod nano

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09-11-2005 06:43:21

Hey, well i was just aproved to get an ipod nano from Mobiles4all.com. They said they would ship it out next tuesday. That site takes a long time to get it done, it took me 16 refferals to get it. But they have a lot of phones and stuff. Im not even sure if i will get my ipod yet. But i have yourfreevideoipods close so im hoping to get that soon to. I will keep you updated and put up pictures if it comes, if it doesnt, i wil just pray that my yourfreevideoipods would work.


09-11-2005 08:03:46

wait, you did 16 referals for an ipod nano??


09-11-2005 08:06:55

yeah, its crazy, it was way before i found that i could do these easy 5 refferal ones. Not only that it costs $40 each offer, well thats the cheapest. and that was for the 2gig one the 4 gig was 20 and the video is 25 or 26


09-11-2005 08:13:59

you got scammed, 16 referals...


09-11-2005 08:14:45

wtf.......all of the offers have to be like $1 offers cause that's insane, no, ludacris to do that.

i guess congrats... lol

lol i bet they were scamming you and after they realized you kept going and threw in the nano, or maybe the won't, hope you get the nano either way.


09-11-2005 08:16:44

yeah, i was mad when i found out, i thought it was the only place, well think about it i made $640 for them. their offers arnt like most sites, its where you buy a cd or some,thing from them, like that has crappy ringtones on it for $40


09-11-2005 15:21:13

Thats called a pyramid scheme... wow, you got FUCKED.

Oh well, congrats )


09-11-2005 20:47:07

yeah i was, but oh well i hope it work


09-11-2005 20:49:23

I woulda stopped after spending like $10...


09-11-2005 20:56:33

What site is it?


09-11-2005 21:02:59

God forbid you start on it...


09-11-2005 21:06:38

www.mobiles4all.com its great for phones, but really hard to get, just look at it


09-11-2005 21:25:02

ya the 30+ credits required to achieve the prize just kills any chance of me doing the site...


10-11-2005 07:39:02

yeah i wouldnt go through it again, i didnt know there were better sites