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03-11-2005 17:33:33

I got PayPal from!

Since the games are not out yet, I got offered PayPal instead of the games.

I got $75, and they approved/shipped my account in less than 5-10 minutes.

GREAT SITE, and GREAT support

A+ Highly recommended.

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03-11-2005 17:34:55

Congrats man, its always good to see another legit site. What kind of offers are there?


03-11-2005 17:40:22

There's the $1 trial offers, bingo offers, etc. I can't really tell you exactly since I can't see the offers once I completed my own.

Maybe someone who hasn't done an offer in that site can help ya out more wink

I highly recommended it though.


03-11-2005 20:24:28

glad to see a happy GoGreen Network user 8)


03-11-2005 20:53:59

how many refs is it? i may want to sign up.


03-11-2005 21:25:46

[quote73850c8a6e="motz"]how many refs is it? i may want to sign up.[/quote73850c8a6e]

2 refs.