requesting approval for 60 gig video ipod!

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20-10-2005 10:14:47

i thought id check my stats randomly this morning and bam my 8th green came in! can't wait to get it! does anyone know the turnaround time on getting approved for this one?


20-10-2005 10:27:01

Prepare to wait 20 + days,im on day 25th for my psp (

codex avellum

20-10-2005 10:27:52

hey finch, i got approved on my psp 10 minutes ago. it took 18 business days


20-10-2005 11:45:48

congrats hopefully you get ur video ipod soon
im waiting for mine to get 1 more green )


20-10-2005 17:36:36

watch your sig size codex avellum just a helpful warning....