Finally approved for freepay nanos!!!! after 22 days!!!

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18-10-2005 10:13:41

Woowhoooo I got approved... (about time i did) after 22 days (17 bussiness) - my first freebie!!!!! cant wait to get it!!!


18-10-2005 10:17:51

thats a long time for approval, i still need a green before im done, anyways congrats, 1st freebies are always most exciting, unless one of ur other freebies is like a plasma or something.


18-10-2005 12:07:23

YEAH!!! I'M ALREADY SENT TO VENDOR!!!!!! my lucky day


18-10-2005 12:32:41

Er...............still stuck on approval on psps 24 days


18-10-2005 14:07:44

I am still waiting to earn my first freebie... Good job on yours...if you have any tips on how you pushed through so fast, that'd be great.


18-10-2005 14:33:39

22 days isn't fast my friend, in fact that's attrocious even for a FREE item.


18-10-2005 14:38:29

it took me 13 business days for approval on freeipods its crazyyyyyy I thought it would be much much faster. You just have to wait it out kinda.


18-10-2005 14:41:26

[quotebb17158d27="dudelovesFinch1035"]Er...............still stuck on approval on psps 24 days[/quotebb17158d27]

gg, freepay is sure slacking these days.


18-10-2005 16:24:30

congrats. i just went STV today too. i'm pumped


18-10-2005 16:48:15

[quotebe61e4919f="Skunk"]22 days ins't fast my friend, in fact that's attocious even for a FREE item.[/quotebe61e4919f]

Yeah, it really is. It took me less time to get all my refferals than to get approved.


18-10-2005 18:12:41

[quotea77b1b6a30="Blink182=Gone"][quotea77b1b6a30="dudelovesFinch1035"]Er...............still stuck on approval on psps 24 days[/quotea77b1b6a30]

gg, freepay is sure slacking these days.[/quotea77b1b6a30]

my thoughts exactly


18-10-2005 18:19:42

Now that they are catching up on nanos, maybe they will do psps next...


18-10-2005 20:47:05

delivery might be long too, anyone know how to track orders?


18-10-2005 22:07:24

there should be a tracking number a link to DHL on your "Status" page when you login


18-10-2005 23:46:22

[quoteb782b9d6d5="johnjimjones"]delivery might be long too, anyone know how to track orders?[/quoteb782b9d6d5]


try that. it didnt work for me but its probably still too early