Jackpot $415 from BingoCabin in 20 min playing

Live forum: http://forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=24354


16-10-2005 14:27:54

Just joined and play for 20 min and BOOM! Jackpot!

Thanks to xxxscreamattxxx the guy who pay me to complete the offer.



16-10-2005 14:34:16

Good job, you deserved it )


16-10-2005 14:36:58

Congrats man!


16-10-2005 14:37:38

shit dude!

im playing that too (

i won a $40 prize yesterday.

id suggest you cash it out and then start playing with your bonus money btw wink


16-10-2005 14:44:27

well actually I havent met the wagering requirement since it is only 20 min play. Thus my bonus point is gone when I cash out.

But the note at freenanoipod4free doesnt state that we need to meet a specific wagering requirement.

anyway, I just cashed it out. and if I didnt get credited for the offer, I will do something else.