$50 from CCU; Thanks!!

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15-10-2005 11:55:36

I have nothing to say but positive things about FON's site. It was my first time ever doing a casino offer, and he helped me all the way through. I made $100 profit from playing blackjack, along with the $50 from CCU. I got the payment within a matter of days, this has to be the best free site experience I've had thus far. Easy and fun. If you haven't tried CCU yet, you really should!

http//www.official4freecongas.com/images/casinocash.PNG[" alt=""/img96c79207a6]


15-10-2005 11:58:25

congrats, whats FON and CCU stand for ?


15-10-2005 12:00:03

FreeOffersNow (owner of the site) and Casino Cash Unlimited. Sorry I didn't explain that in the post.


15-10-2005 14:10:11

its alright not a big deal i juss didnt understand it ! +1 karm
a for you !


15-10-2005 15:24:30