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This is my first freebie, and I cant say enougn about!

First of all, the proof

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And now, How i did it!

Freetech4me is a basically a points-based (mostly)casino site with paypal rewards.

Most offers pay MORE than the deposit required, and this is a good way to start. Heres what I did, and PROFITED $225 dollars.

1st of all, I did Bingo Cabin & Bingo Cafe, which each use the same software. You must DEPOSIT $20 into each, and the reward is $50 each.
I depsoited $20 into each via neteller, and set each onto outoplay while i did some errand, not expecting to haveanything left when i returned.

Lo and behold, while one accout had lost all its money, one had $50! Overall, in bingo, between offer credits and winnings, I had made $100 FREE in one night!

So, after my initial sucess, and $50 going to waste in my neteller account, i figred I would try another casino.

I dis Casino Tropez, an offer with a $50 deposit, and $120 reward. played blackjack for $50 $1 hands (to get credit), and with $60 in the account, cashed out. I made another $100 of of this offer!

So, right now, im waiting for cashouts on that site, and then ill start over again with a different casino!

If you are thinking of joining, PM me, and id be very grateful.


15-10-2005 06:17:49

that actually is a ref link so you should edit it out please ) and thank you


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Referral link removed, you have been warned.