183$ profit from BlackJack Ballroom Casino!!!

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05-10-2005 17:27:47

OMFG!!! this is the biggest profit ive ever made doing a casino. Its funny because i didnt read the Wagering requirements of the casino before depositing my [b639082fa29]300$[/b639082fa29] and only read the wagering requirements for the green (which was 800$) so after i wager 800$ i get my green and i try to cashout of the casino but the tell me i have to wager 12600$ in order to witdraw. I thought i was totally fucked and accepted that i just lost some serious cash..... I was thinking about my loss yesterday and i thought to myself "if i have no chance of meeting the WR then at least i'll make some huge bets and lose all the money so i can uninstall the casino" I made a 200$ bet and i fucking WON
then i found the auto play feature in the casino. It lets you setup your own strategy chart (i copied a professional chart) and lets you control how
much money you are willing to gain/lose (for example i could set the autoplay to stop if i lost more than 10$) using the autoplay with 1$ bets i easily met the wager requirements and i now have [b639082fa29]348$[/b639082fa29]
Evenmore4free is giving me a [b639082fa29]100$[/b639082fa29] gameboy micro for doing this offer and penicone paid me 35$ to do the offer which brings my total profit to a whopping[b639082fa29] 183$!!!!!!!![/b639082fa29]

That stupid fucking casino should have let me cashout without the bonus and take a loss when they had the chance... FUCKING OWNED!!!!!!!!! D


05-10-2005 17:54:11

heh, congrats, $100 for them is pocket change.


06-10-2005 22:11:50

Congrats buddy. We fuckin showed them lol